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Caremere and Boha maker : the bagpipes of the Landes de Gascogne

Ghislaine and Jean-Paul Saintorens

Manufacturer of Boha and Caremere

When we moved to St Lon in 2000, we discovered the bagpipes of Landes de Gascogne.

From meetings to collaborations, I start to make modifications on my instruments and then to make bohas at the end of 2006 after having completed a training in violin making at the high school of La Châtre (36).

Today, we manufacture bagpipes and caremères resulting from a process of experimentation which makes it possible to combine modernity and tradition.

Each instrument is unique and made in accordance with the musician's desires and projects.


Jean Paul Saintorens

Instrument maker


We manufacture for you


This single-reed oboe is endemic to the Landes region. Of ancient origin, it has crossed time and presents an organology that can be found in the Mediterranean basin and in the Eastern countries. It has a soft and dynamic sound and facilitates the learning of the game, the fingerings and the continuous breath which it is necessary to use of preference.

Low Boha

This is the evolution of the boha in the low register according to the research of Jean-Pascal Leriche. We propose large bagpipes in D with alterations allowing a complete play. The low and deep aesthetics of this instrument are particularly suited to the search for harmonics and the pleasure of polyphonic ensemble playing.


The bagpipe of the Landes de Gascogne is a real living treasure of ancient music. The research and experimentation of Neofactlandes allow today to present you reliable instruments with some innovations. Pocket drones or alterations can be added on request.

The bagpipes in 3D

Itis the proposal of an instrument with musical and aesthetic qualities equivalent to those of the boxwood instrument. The 3D printing allows the reduction of the cost and the manufacturing time, which can be interesting for the music schools in particular.

Little Musette

This "rudimentary" instrument is a creation. It favors a simplified learning process and the discovery of the instrument without making any concession on musicality. Fingerings, pressure management and tuning are thus easier to acquire for the youngest... or those who wish to start their learning at any age.

The low drone box

The drone box can hold 3, 4, 5 or 6 notes as desired. These drones form a continuous chord with the tonic or the dominant. They allow to support the melody and to enrich the harmony. The evolution that I brought (closure by obturation) allows to make sound several drones together. It is possible to tune them individually.

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